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About Dr. Chris

Dr. Chris has been involved in the health field since 1974

Dr. Chris began working with children and families in 1974 as a social worker. She then owned and operated child development centers beginning in 1982. She wrote the food standards for licensing child care centers in Alaska in 1988. Beginning in 1987, she had a private practice specializing in nutrition education, acupressure therapy and therapeutic massage. In 2000, Chris became a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (N.D.) She is licensed by and accountable to the state board of examiners. She is trained to be a Primary Care Physician.

Doctor Chris is what many have called an “old style” doctor because she takes the time to give you the care that you need. She treats you as an individual. She is accessible and provides you with personal attention and specializes in participating with her patients on their path toward optimal health.

Dr. Chris believes in 5 foundations for health:



Stress Management

Recognition of a Higher Power

and a

Relationship with a Supportive Physician

She honors and exemplifies the principles of Naturopathic Medicine:

Healing Power of Nature,
First Do No Harm,
Find and Treat the Cause,
Treat the Whole Person,
Doctor as Teacher,

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