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∞Are you tired of Claritin, Singular and Flonase?

∞Are you tired of suppressing your allergy symptoms with drugs?

Naturopathic Medicine
addresses the cause of your allergies and by treating the cause, the symptoms disappear and you get through the Allergy Season breathing great, without the need for Claritin, Flonase, or Singular.

The allergy medicines prescribed by your medical doctor are designed to block histamine and decrease inflammation, which are causing your symptoms.

Dr. Chris gets to the root of why you have histamine and inflammation and treats that cause. You may have increased histamine due to a digestive problem. Dr. Chris will explore this possibility and by addressing your digestion, your histamine levels will decrease and your allergy symptoms go away. Instead, you digest well, your energy improves and you no longer have allergies.

For more information on this approach, call for a free consultation. 503-246-3919

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