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Alternative and Complementary Cancer Care

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Alternative Cancer Treatments


Dr. Chris offers a Cancer Care program that is tailored to the individual. The program is supportive to conventional treatment programs and is also available for those persons choosing not to go the conventional route.

The program will include:

Nutritional Support: The diet is extremely important in the treatment of Cancer. As many cancers have a cause or relationship to nutritional deficiencies, making sure the diet is optimal is a major component in your plan. Dr. Chris has been a certified clinical nutritionist since 1987. She will analyze your diet and make recommendations to optimize you nutrition. The correct diet can reduce and in some cases prevent the malnourishment that often times accompany chemotherapy and radiation.

Herbal Medicine: Research studies have been done on various herbs and their usefulness in cancer treatments. Dr. Chris is well read and her passion for herbal medicine drives her to keep up on the latest studies. Herbal medicines are known to support the effectiveness of chemotherapy and decrease the side effects, while helping to decrease the spread of aggressive cancers.

Acupressure Therapy: Stress management is a big part in the treatment of cancer. Acupressure is very helpful to reduce the stress upon initial diagnosis, during conventional treatments and if the person begins to make their transition. There are a lot of theories about the role of stress and the development of cancer. Acupressure is a way to clear any emotional trauma that may be a part in the disease.

I.V. Therapy: A person living with cancer is, many times, not digesting their foods as optimally as they could. I.V. Therapy, with vitamins and minerals, gives them the nutrition they need. Also, therapeutic dosages of nutrients have shown, in many studies, to stimulate the bodies own immune system to fight the cancer and restore health. I.V. therapy may also decrease the spread of the cancer, decrease recovery time after radiation and surgery and increase chemotherapy's effectiveness.

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