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Detoxification Programs

Detox Programs

Transformation Through Detoxing

Transform Your Life By Detoxing


1. What are the Detox Programs? 

Dr. Chris offers Detox Programs that are 10 day, 21 day or and all inclusive 28 day program. These programs are designed to remove toxins, decrease inflammation, rebuild your body and create lasting changes in your health.

2. Why are these programs different than other Detox Programs?

 Most Detox programs focus on one system or organ. Dr. Chris' Detox Programs focuses on multiple systems such as digestion, liver, inflammation and include healthy eating guidelines.

3. Who needs to detox?

 Detox Programs are recommended for anyone experiencing Allergies, Arthritis, High Blood Pressure (hypertension) Digestive problems, High Cholesterol, Thyroid problems, Autoimmunity, and/or Skin Rashes or anyone exposed to Toxins.

The 10 day Detox Program includes:

           30 supplement packs--3 packets per day x 10 days

           Protein and Cleansing powder for 2 shakes each day

           Menu with recipes for 10 days

            Informational packet

            Shaker Mug

The 4-5 month Anti-inflammatory Program includes:

This program is for persons with inflammatory conditions. Depending on the amount of inflammation and pain, you can choose between 3 levels. Each level has 3 phases: decrease inflammation phase, remove toxins phase and repair and restore phase. This program includes the 10 day detox program above.

The 21 day Detox Program includes:

3-5 day cleansing lemon-lime drink followed by 14 or 21 days of eating an anti-inflammatory diet and drinking cleansing shakes. A very simple and easy to follow program.

The 28 day Detox Program includes:

An all inclusive program for your body, life and diet.

You receive:

An instructional manual with readings, diet plans, yummy recipes, a journal and full guidelines to make your detox a success plus 2 CD's.

Protein and Cleansing powder to make smoothies

One supplement to enhance liver detoxification pathways

Homeopathic drops to support Lymph, Kidney and Liver drainage

Eating a lot of food and drinking water. Menus and recipes included

 This detox program is offered individually or in groups for a discounted price. Call Dr. Chris' office at 503-246-3919 to find out when the next group detox session begins.


 Getting started is easy. Call Dr. Chris' office at 503-246-3919 to schedule a free consultation. Supervision is recommended but not mandatory.

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