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Heart Disease

Guidelines for a Healthy Heart

* Eat a good breakfast every day.

* Eliminate snacks between meals

* Remove empty and refined calories from the diet as much as possible

.* Eliminate or drastically cut down on all visible fats (Crisco, mazola oil, margarine, salad dressings)

* Eliminate or reduce use of free sugar found in desserts, jams and jellies, sweetened cereals and other processed foods, or added sugar on dry cereal, in coffee or teas, etc.

* Eliminate soft drinks (substitute fruit juice)

* Use unrefined cereal grains. Use brown rice instead of white rice and whole wheat bread instead of "enriched" white bread. Use cooked cereals for breakfast instead of dry cereals.

* Don't use alcoholic beverages.

* Reduce your intake of animal fats.

* Avoid meats.

* Avoid dairy fat. Use skim milk in place of whole milk.

* Avoid cheese. Replace it with skim cottage cheese.

* Avoid butter. Use alternative spreads for bread and use them sparingly (mashed avocado, peanut butter).

* Avoid baked goods. They are usually high in sugar and fat.

* Eat no more than 2 eggs per week.

* Eat a light supper rather than a heavy one.

* Get regular, moderate exercise.

* Get adequate rest, fresh air, sunshine, and drink pure water.

* Have regular medical check-ups.

* Find ways to manage your stress and feelings of frustration.

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