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ND Cancer Treatment

Naturopathic Cancer Treatment

Dr. Chris Booren provides naturopathic medical care for cancer patients with virtually every kind of cancer diagnosis.

Hallmarks of naturopathic treatment for people with cancer include:  

Education regarding certain types of cancer and  the  benefits and risks of various options for therapy.

Referrals and consultations with conventional medical doctors as needed.

Stimulation of the immune system to defend against cancer and heal the body (immunoaugmentive therapies).

Dietary therapeutics for patients including those undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment. Dr. Chris uses specific diet therapies, as well as diets from the Gerson Clinic, Hoxsey Clinic, Laetrile, and macrobiotics.

Preparation for surgery to aid in immune enhancement, wound repair, nutrition, and prevention of adhesions from scar formation.

Naturopathic care can either serve as your primary medical care or as adjunctive therapy to complement your conventional treatment. Dr. Chris will provide you with information and increased understanding of your situation to assist you in making those decisions. Your naturopathic treatment plan may incorporate the following modalities:


Botanical Medicine



I.V. therapy



Other therapies may also be utilized on an individual basis. An individual plan will be recommended and explained to you in detail so that you fully understand your treatment approach. Your questions are encouraged, and your full participation in all aspects of your care and healing process are invited.

It is my experience that the choice of whether or not to utilize conventional medical methods is a personal one - not only as a personal preference, but also because cancers have very particular outcomes depending on the cancer and the treatment method. My goal is to help you understand the possibilities regarding your particular cancer and to address your specific needs. There are benefits as well as immediate and long-term side effects from conventional therapies. Naturopathic medicine has treatments that may reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, and aid in optimal recovery from surgery.

All patients with cancer must sign a treatment consent form before undergoing my program. If you have any questions, please contact me for a free 20 minute consultation.

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