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Natural Therapeutics

Clinical Nutrition- The diet is the cornerstone of naturopathic medicine. Research has validated that many medical conditions are effectively treated with dietary changes and nutritional supplementation with few, if any, side effects. Dr. Chris has been a certified clinical nutritionist since 1987.

Herbal Medicine Many plants are powerful medicines, with advantages over conventional drugs. Herbs, when used correctly, are effective and safe for acute and chronic illness with limited side effects.

I.V. Therapy- Intravenous solutions of vitamins, minerals and amino acids for flu, shingles, cancer, undernourishment, hepatitis, immune support and other chronic diseases.

Acupressure-Gentle, yet deep, finger pressure on specific acu-points plus verbal Body Focusing techniques to help release chronic tension, balance energy and improve vitality. This clothes-on method helps to relieve stress and trauma related problems. Jin Shin Do® means: "The Way of the Compassionate Spirit." It is a synthesis of classical Chinese acu-theory using traditional Japanese acupressure technique, Taoist philosophy, Qigong (breathing and exercise techniques), Reichian segmental theory and principles of Ericksonian psychotherapy. Jin Shin Do® acupressure was originated by Iona Marsaa Teeguarden. Dr. Chris has been a Registered Acupressure Therapist since 1994. Jin Shin Do ®  Acupressure is not intended for the diagnosis, treatment or cure of disease.

Amino Acid Therapy - Derived from proteins, these natural substances are used for anxiety, depression, insomnia, and other neurotransmitter imbalances caused from stress.

Detoxification - Dr. Chris offers a 10 day, a 21 day and a 28 day detox programs. All programs consists of a menu plan, nutritional supplementation and protein/cleansing shakes to decrease inflammation, support liver function and teach healthy eating habits. Along with wanting to maintain health, Detox Programs are recommended for anyone experiencing inflammatory conditions such as:  Allergies, Arthritis, High Blood Pressure (Hypertension), Digestive problems, High Cholesterol, Skin rashes and/or

CounselingSpecific techniques are used to address mental attitudes and emotional states which are important to healing.

Homeopathic MedicineThis 200 year old modality acts to strengthen the body’s innate immune system.

PharmaceuticalsPrescriptions are available for many plant based medicines from antibiotics and pain relief to thyroid medication and bio-identical hormones. Naturopathic Physicians, in Oregon, are licensed to prescribe most pharmaceutical medicines.

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