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Naturopathic Pediatrician

Dr. Chris with moms and kids

Dr. Chris has been caring for children and families 
since 1974.

She treats each child as an individual.

Dr. Chris began her career with a BA in Social Work, with a specialty in early childhood development. She advocated for children's rights employed with Protective Service. She has been everything from Toddler Teacher to Executive Director of her own Center.  The nutritional guidelines she wrote for her center were adopted by the State of Alaska Child Care Center licensing board as requirements for licensure.


Dr. Chris' love for children is reflected in the way she treats them. She is caring, loving and gentle and always supportive of their individual uniqueness.  She is very thorough in her examinations. Her caring, coupled with her medical background, makes her one of the finest naturopathic pediatricians in the Portland Metro area.

Dr. Chris is committed to supporting family well being.


Childhood Nutrition

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